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DVD as CD transport Clock Modification 6 July, 2008

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My friend gave me this DVD player, because its damaged, he say. But after I tested I found that this China Made DVD player only cannot play DVD, but can play VCD, MP3 and CD. So I decide to use it as a CD transport.

After browsing I found that clock modification on Transport can improve sound quality. So

1. I open the DVD player case and looking for XTAL. And I found the 27 MHz Xtal. So I go to Harco Glodok and looking for the Clock Crystal and an TL431 for voltage stabilizer.

2. I remove the original XTAL, 2 resistor and 3 Capasitor that connected directly to the XTAL

Remove original Xtal

Remove original Xtal

3. After that I make the Clock Generator that is a modification from Kwak Clock and XO from Tent Labs, I cannot use any other circuit because their frequency is limited at 24MHz.

4. This is the circuit diagram. Before input the 12V to this circuit I add IC 7805 to stabilize the voltage. Because I not using separate transformer. I use the 12V from original switching power supply

Reclocker Schematic Diagram

Reclocker Schematic Diagram

5. This is the installed board

Already Assembled Reclocker

Already Assembled Reclocker

Solder The Reclocker Output to the Mainboard

Solder The Reclocker Output to the Mainboard

6. After it finished, I try to listen, and its much more detail and staging is more focused. Very impresive because this little cheap modification

Finished and Installed board

Finished and Installed board


3 Responses to “DVD as CD transport Clock Modification”

  1. optionweb Says:

    Magnificent things altogether, you only earned a completely new reader. What can an individual advise with regards to your post you made a week back? Almost any a number of?

  2. Sam Milbey Says:

    That’s a heck of a job you’ve done there buddy… You simply updated the board to its full capacity… hehe…

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