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Tube Pre Amplifier with Tone Control 4 July, 2008

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Front Panel

Today I finished a DIY Tube Pre Amplifier with Tone Control. I made the kit that I bought from Bandung at 2004 . This are some small modification I made:

1. To make the tube glowing at the front panel window I modified the tube socket and pcboard to make a 3mm hole for ultra bright blue LED


2. Change the volume potentiometer with ALPS potentiometer.

ALPS Motorized Potentiometer

3. Add Infra Red Controller so I can remotely control the volume

Infra Red Controller

4. Use Jantzen Capasitor and Solen Capasitor so The sound will be good, natural and clear


5. After all this modification I have to burn in so the sound output will be at the best perform of this circuit

6. Tommorow I will post the schematic


4 Responses to “Tube Pre Amplifier with Tone Control”

  1. gege Says:

    saya baru mau beli di bandung. ada kit yang sama adrian tapi boxnya udah ga ada. di jaya plaza. Pertanyaan saya ada 2:
    1. Capacitor mana saja yang di ganti jantzen dan solen?
    2. Performa pre amp ini gimana?

    Permintaan: kasih foto2 TC-3mu lagi dong, pengen lihat saja.


    • adrianangka Says:

      Memang kit itu beli di Bandung kok. Performa bisa lebih baik lagi kalau catu daya menggunakan rectifier tabung.
      Foto foto nanti yah. Kira kira mau lebih jelas bagian mana nya?

  2. Henk Rodenboog fromThe Netherlands Says:

    Dear sir,

    Can you please tell me what type of potentiometers you used, log or lin?

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